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Location shoot / April 14 2015


British Design. I had the pleasure to meet with the team at Royal Doulton and the partners of their latest product collaboration, Hemingway Design.

I joined both teams at a photoshoot of the new range where the shoot was Art Directed by the talented Tilly Hemingway, creating a beautiful collection of lifestyle set pieces showcasing the entire range.

A couple of days later we visited Hemingway Design studios to interview both the lead designer of the range (Tilly Hemingway) and owner of the studio, Wayne Hemingway.

The interview content was a great insight into their working process, what inspired the range and a brief history of Wayne Hemingway's journey to where the design studio is positioned right now.

The resulting videos will be a set of videos around key subject matter and an Instagram clip to help build some anticipation around the products release.

2015-04-14-royal-douton-shoot-01.jpg 2015-04-14-royal-douton-shoot-02.jpg 2015-04-14-royal-douton-shoot-03.jpg