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Location shooting / June 9 2015

On the
road filming.

Bonjour Biarritz. I'm following a group of bikers as they ride their custom bikes from England, down through France and onto Wheel’s and Waves Motorcycle and Surf event.

Leaving from Untitled Motorcycles in NW1, London we set off today on a 7 day trip through France to Wheels and Waves, where the custom motorcycle world meets surfing in Biarritz.

We are making a set of films with Belstaff while on the trip, showcasing their line of bike jackets, concentrating on the new women riding range. To show off the jackets we are working with the Parisian bikers ladies of L'Equipee.

Setting off from London we then head off to Portsmouth to catch the ferry – over the next few days we ride down to Biarritz, fingers crossed for some good weather.

I look forward to sharing the results over the summer.

All the photography in this article (excluding the last shot) was taken by the fantastic Ludovic Robert, ludovicrobert.fr.

2015-06-09-biarritz-shoot-01.jpg 2015-06-09-biarritz-shoot-03.jpg 2015-06-09-biarritz-shoot-04.jpg 2015-06-09-biarritz-shoot-05.jpg 2015-06-09-biarritz-shoot-06.jpg 2015-06-09-biarritz-shoot-07.jpg 2015-06-09-biarritz-shoot-08.jpg