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Location shooting / July 14 2015

Riding around
the city of Paris.

Out of the tunnel and onto Paris. This week I went over to the French capital to meet with Parisian ladies that make up L’Equipee.

If you haven't seen the films by L'Equipee I suggest head over to Vimeo and take it in. They are a group of hard as nails biker women with soft exterior that instantly put you at ease.

I joined them in Paris, with photographer Ludo, to pick up some more shots for our motorcycle film with Belstaff and get some interviews with three of the ladies.

Had a great time riding through Paris with them and they invited us to meet them at a local bike gathering where they took part in fast and slow drags.

Then it was time to jump on the back of their bikes and get some filming done through the streets. Note to self, although I'm normally fine on the back of a bike, when it's being ridden by a French lady hold on a bit tighter than usual. With one arm holding a camera and the other for dear life I could have done with some warning when she opened up the throttle – usually followed by a cheeky laugh.

We got some great shots and some really interesting lines from the interview.

The film is due to launch in September with a new range of women's jackets from Belstaff.

2015-07-14-paris-shoot-01.jpg 2015-07-14-paris-shoot-02.jpg 2015-07-14-paris-shoot-03.jpg