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Observation / September 15 2015

Thoughts on
Google’s new brand.

Clean, dynamic and very Google.

It's now been in the public eye for a few weeks and the new Google brand seems to have already settled into the family of brand assets and the search/tech giants visual language.

It wasn't a big step for them in relation to where they have been moving their brand for some years now, having been champions of the flat design revolution for a long time already, moving away from a serifed typeface was quite natural. However, it could have been a risky move.

As with everything online, various opinions have been flying around since it's launch, and they have varied between positive and negative. Personally I like it, but to me it's an easy logotype to like on it's own, it doesn't really offend anyone. I loved the old type, especially the last iteration when the colour went flat, but would I have loved it without the years of evolving and tweaking? Without the changing of the type reflecting the changing world of the internet - who knows.

What I do like about the Google brand is how it's coming together, all the various ventures they have seem to still feel individual but joined. This has been achieved through the flat style, the colour tones, typefaces and it's style in motion. Motion has long been a part of the brand and this will only grow. The hand scrubbing out the old logo to reveal the new one was a fantastic touch. They could have easily done a hard launch and had it simply appear, but seeing one turn into the other softened the transition, which was valuable for one of the world’s biggest, most recognisable brands.

Whether you like the marque or not, the importance of the change is bigger than just a logo. It represents the evolution of Google as a business and the evolution of the internet. The online space is thankfully simplifying, good design has taken control of the old chaos, a time before when code and design clashed. The lessons learned over past decades, in both branding and editorial, are now being beautifully translated to the digital platform, and are being supported by fantastic developments in user experience design and motion design - largely thanks to internet speed and the return of the GIF.

Lastly on the subject of Google and motion - I have to mention the animated sequence between the play and pause button (as seen in YouTube and on Android). It's the little details that make website/products so enjoyable to experience.

P.S. The image above was a screengrab of my screen as I had three different Google accounts open at once, each with a different version of the brand in the corner, oops.

Google-brand-mixup.jpg Google-in-motion.gif