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Insight / May 12 2016

Life of
an editor.

Editing plays a big part of what I do. You can have good raw content, but if it isn’t all put together with the same care an attention the message can be lost.

In my job, I'm often out filming, and this is the part of my work that people see in photos and get excited about. And I can understand why, it is amazing being out filming, surrounded by a very skilled crew, getting to work with the client out of their natural environment and being on your feet all day.

As is the nature of the job, editing is a lot of time sat in front of a screen, often in a dimly lit room. This is probably why it’s not seen as a glamorous job. But personally I love it – as much as directing on location. You get to see the footage go from being raw and rough around the edges to becoming a story, something with meaning. You get to hear the sound and music as it is placed just so, designed to lead a viewers attention or emotion.

A lot of the elements are built elsewhere by other fantastically skilled people, but everything is brought together by the editor.