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Studio shoot / October 5 2016

Spinning around
on set.

I have spent the day getting dizzy. Untitled Motorcycles shoot in a studio space set up inside an old car spray painting booth. The floor spins, like a giant lazy Susan!

I'm producing a set of videos with Untitled and as much as we love a good, gritty motorcycle film, every now and then it’s nice to break the mould. That’s what we’re aiming to do today, filming in a blank white(ish) space, looking at the bikes like the pieces of art they are.

Handheld camera work, ready. Ladder, ready. 4 speed floor, ready. Spin! Weeeeeee!

umc-film-00.jpg umc-film-01.jpg umc-film-02.jpg umc-film-03.jpg umc-film-04.jpg umc-film-05.jpg umc-film-06.jpg