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Holiday time / December 1 2016

comes early.

I don’t mean to rub it in, but I'm jetting off to travel around the Pacific and see the New Year in Asia.

At work I always want to keep things fresh. That’s true of my work and my approach to projects, but it also has to be true for my own mind. Thankfully I work in an industry where I can make the decision to take some time off and explore the world, especially over the time of Christmas. And what’s better than Christmas day? The entire month of December as we build up to Christmas!!

Having said that, personally I’ve headed toward the sun with my wife and relaxing around the Pacific Ocean (I’ve already made a start, the picture is from today in the real life Jurassic Park in Hawaii - movie geeking out!), then we’re heading down for relaxing times in Fiji, a bit road trip in New Zealand and then onto Sydney for Christmas day itself (although a hot Christmas doesn’t sound right to me).

I hope everyone as a good December and holiday period, however you may be celebrating it. We will see you all in the New Year. See you later 2016, you’ve been a big one, looking forward to seeing in 2017!

See you next year, Matt.