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Exhibition time / February 2 2017

Elton John and
his Radical Eye.

Recently spent an evening at the Tate Modern, London to check out some photos Elton John keeps in his private collection.

It’s interesting taking a look at an exhibition entirely curated from a private collection of a person and not a gallery’s collection. The reason being is that you can read a lot into why they chose a particular piece, why did they get it at that particular time in their life? Does it say anything that they got another piece straight away after? And why put it in that frame?

I was originally drawn to this exhibition because I had heard he had some photos of one of my favourite photographers, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. As one of the original Bauhaus creatives he’s known for his experimentation but I’ve always loved his photograms. Many believe Man Ray was the first to use this developing technique but Moholy-Nagy just pre dates him. And to see these print in real life is incredible.

Every shot in this exhibition can be seen online or a print in a book, but for anyone who argues that film photography has past and digital photography has surpassed it I will say that they need to see some of the worlds great photography in person, see how crisp the line quality is, see how oil black the blacks are, so much so it’s like you can touch it and feel liquid not a piece of paper. Digital photography and the printing of digital photography is still so far behind film photography. For your average holiday snaps fair enough, a digital shot will look great, but for large format, commercial and art shots there’s a quality that can’t beaten to film.

As far as a collection goes there were many beautiful shots, some I knew some I didn’t and I was very glad to discover some new pieces. Great exhibition. Now, where’s my film camera.