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Short film / September 4 2017

Short film.
Stick up the storyboards.

I've found a little time recently to work on a couple of projects of my own, one live action short film and another is an animated short.

It's always nice to progress your own projects and I find the busier you get the easier it is to do so. I don't like having nothing to do, so when I found a little gap in my work schedule I filled it up with writing two short films. One is an animated short that I've had floating around my mind for some time. Without giving too much away it is a very broad take on a concept that appears in Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy. These have long been some of my favourite books and they expand on some amazing concepts, one being about what happens in the after life.

I'm currently working with a concept artist to create a style for the animation and with the screenplay complete I have just sketched out the storyboard to figure out what environments, characters and objects we will need to create.

I love this entire process and very much looking forward to the next big step which will be to see the world come to life in CG model form and then in motion.

I'll keep you posted with our progress, animations are notoriously long processes but the outcome will be worth it!