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Film shoot / September 6 2018

Short film.
On set

After the long process that is writing, development, preproduction, the time came to roll cameras and say 'Action!'.

My latest short film, 'Captive' has been a long journey. Personal projects are always difficult to fit in around life and paid work. But I'm pleased to say production has been and gone on this film. It was far from an easy shoot - the water company digging through the main power line wasn't a high point. But you work through the obstacles and adapt as you go until you shout, 'that's a wrap' and everything gets packed away.

Once we had found a location, cast the lead character and formed the crew, it came down to a fast three days work. Day one was all about set up, the set had been designed long ago and now was being put to practice as new walls were constructed, wall textures applied and props put into place. All made possible with the hands and mind of interior and set designer, William Walsh. Days two and three were end to end filming, working through our shot list. We had time to try a few things out in the takes, which, actor Rosie Steel, took in her stride and brought a lot to the table.

No shoot would be complete without mishaps and Captive was no exception. Huge drills turning up the day before to begin a week long water pipe fix. The water company digging right through the mains power. But quick thinking and quicker action meant we got a generator going to keep us filming and having a great sound designer on board means the final sound will be great, despite the drills best efforts. All in all an amazing experience. Plenty of lessons to take away and use at the next film. But first, post production.

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