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Art film / September 13 2018

Art film.
The jewels.

For sometime, jeweller John Moore and I have been speaking about making a film for one of his pieces. This is that piece.

I can't go into too much detail about the piece in question. But needless to say it's one that moves and plays with light beautifully.

I headed down to Brighton to join John in a theatre space above a pub. A nice blacked out space for us to throw light around all we want. But just filming the piece of jewellery wouldn't be enough, so we placed it onto an exceptional dancer, Louis McMiller, who did an amazing job to bring everything to life. And it also helps to have great makeup from artist Ximena Rodriguez.

jm-jewellery-01.jpg jm-jewellery-02.jpg jm-jewellery-03.jpg jm-jewellery-04.jpg