Matt West

Made in
Stoke, UK

Wedgwood produce a wide range of tableware products, each with very unique styles, executions and backgrounds. To communicate these differing styles, each piece has it’s own short film to launch the product, each with a creative and visual nod to the styling of the products themselves.

The Vibrance range has bright, poppy colour schemes. To match this personality, a stop motion animation brought each item to life.

Bluebird is a lot more classical, and has been designed with great attention to details that date back to the companies earliest work over 250 years ago. Classically set typographic treatments communicate the historical and unique features.

Gilded Muse range is one of opulance. Dark settings, with gold illustrations of classic sculptures. A simple, textured animation brought the illustration to life.

Wedgwood Tea Garden range is one that sits perfectly in the companies setting with it’s customers over the centuries. The range also launched alongside their own flavours of tea. As the tea was as much of the focus as the tableware, the film was bookended by colourful clouds of tea underwater - mimicing the moment the flavours infuse into the hot water.

Vibrance - Long form cut

Vibrance social media cuts

Wedgwood Bluebird

Bluebird typographic details

Wedgwood Gilded Muse

Wedgwood Tea Garden