Writer, Director, Filmmaker



China World.
China World Trade Center.

I worked with River Film to storyboard, direct the filming and edit a promotional ad for Beijing property organisation China World.

The outcome was a short promo video that brings to life the people and places found within the new build. The video was to be used at various private events in the build up to the new buildings launch. In the future the video may be used in broadcast situations as the complex aims to draw more visitors.

I filmed in Beijing to work with a local crew that was put together by cinematographer Paul Morris. Filming at the China World complex with local actors.

Agency: River Film

Involvement: Direction. Edit Direction.

river-film-cw-01.jpg river-film-cw-02.jpg river-film-cw-03.jpg river-film-cw-04.jpg river-film-cw-05.jpg river-film-cw-06.jpg river-film-cw-07.jpg